If You Never Leave Home, Never Let Go...

you'll never make it to the great unknown ~NTB

Month: February 2016

Summer 2017

As far as Summer 2016 is concerned, I plan to double up on my class load and maybe take shorter trips around the U.S.   I just might go visit some family up north or go back to D.C. to see some friends.  However, my main priority will be to progress through the Instructional Design graduate program as efficiently and successfully as possible.

After I complete this program, I would LOVE to take a 2-3 week trip to London, England.  That is my long term plan for the moment.  More to come.

Spring Break 2016!

My next big span of non-high school time is Spring Break.  I do plan to utilize that time to stay ahead within my ISD 581 course.  However, I would love to plan a short road trip somewhere.  Right now, my top two contenders are Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC.  My third option is Orlando, FL to visit……..yep…..Harry Potter World!  Needless to say, I have yet to put any thought in to these trips, so this will be a last minute trip.

Instructional Ideas

One website that I am still exploring is Blendspaces.   The project that I plan to post in to my first Instructional Design – related project incorporated this website.

I also intend to explore more of Google’s features, such as Flubaroo and more.  I will be placing them under the Instructional Design category.