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Newton’s 3 Laws and Momentum Moodle Lesson ISD 581

My project can be located at the following link:  Newton’s Moodle

Newton’s 3 Laws Moodle

I began this project with beginner’s knowledge level of Moodle.  I started by exploring Moodle even more and settled on experimenting with the Lesson module option. I searched for and watched several Moodle tutorial videos and most all of them were out of date. I do not remember finding one that described the current version of Moodle.  However, I did find a few that were close and I used the currently offered Help functions and pages through the Moodle site. Those were more helpful when it came to laying out steps for Moodle.  I chose this particular theme because it was clean, uncluttered, and had science/math related symbols within the banner.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.27.19 PM

I outlined my lesson in a similar fashion to that of a textbook. It has four sections (notated by the lack of a ‘previous page’ option on the non-question pages) and the presence of “quick review” questions at the end of each section. I included several videos demonstrating this particular science concept through relevant, real-life applicable situations and science experiments. These videos helped support the Multimedia Principle that we covered in our textbook E-Learning and the Science of Instruction. I also touched on the Redundancy Principle through explaining visuals with words in the text format and, a few times, through the audio covered in the videos.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.12.05 AM

I attempted to incorporate the Personalization Principle by writing my text narrative in a conversational tone, including potential questions that the learner might think while reading through the text or potential every day situations the learner may or may not encounter. The text was broken down in to smaller parts which supported the Segmenting Principle. I also included worked examples and faded examples for the learner to read and progressively practice.


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.18.55 AM

Once I had outlined the objective I wanted to cover, I created a trial run. The most cumbersome problem I ran in to, from the beginning, was the page load time. It doesn’t matter where you use the internet: from your house, coffee shop, Panera Bread, Delta airlines flight (which had quite an efficient internet connection for a plane), various hotels,…..any of these places and Moodle is going to take much longer to load a single page. This presented a problem in that every question required a page load.   It takes a lot of time to upload questions for quizzes and/or tests.

Questions within the Lesson module and questions in separate quizzes and tests had similar but different options available for each. Within the lesson module, I had problems smoothly connecting short answer questions because the answer had to be EXACTLY correct (as in, specifically upper or lower case lettering, spellings, spacing, etc.) This presented a problem in that some questions could have multiple correct answers that are typed out in many different ways. (NOTE: The multiple choice question does give you the option to select multiple answers, but if you need to type in the unit for force….the correct answer could be one of the following: Newtons, newtons, N, n, kg x m/s2, kg(m/s2), kilograms x m/s2, etc.  As far as I could tell, the lesson module DOES NOT accommodate it’s answer options for a situation like this.)
The quiz or test option SEPARATE from the lesson module was a bit more functional as far as answer choices were concerned. It does give you the option to mark “anything other than the above indicated answer” as wrong.

Another dilemma I ran in to involved the page connections.  When you are creating the lesson, you can link each page via drop down menu options such as: Previous page, This page, next page, “titles of whatever other pages you have created”….etc.  If you select “Next Page” after a question page, that current question will reload and you will end up answering the same questions multiple times.  In order to answer the question and continue, you must connect a question page directly (via the title) to the page you want it to progress to and to avoid answering the same question multiple times.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.29.49 AM

In conclusion, I enjoyed working with many features and sections of Moodle.  However, there were many characteristics I did not like about it (page load time being the worst offender) and some features I still do not quite understand, or do not believe I would ever need to use.   Another feature that I missed within Moodle (both the general area and the lesson module) was spellcheck/autocorrect.  However, I can understand why both of these features are left out of the default settings.  The multiple choice and true/false questions are great. The short answer question option is partially great within the Lesson Module.  It needs an option to cover all other wrong answers without having to list all possibilities.  I learned the best method of figuring out Moodle, along with the other technology tools we have learned about this semester, is to find a good tutorial (whether it be in video format or text format), do not be afraid to experiment and click buttons and/or options, and do not be afraid to mess up.  The “Undo” option is a wonderful creation.



Metrics! is an online lesson through “Blendspace” at www.tes.com that I created as my semester project for my first Instructional Design class, ISD 621 Fall 2015  at the University of South Alabama.

Included in the attached file:
The final report

The Instructor’s Guide

The Student Guide

Margaret Schmidt ISD 621 Report 4 2016 Metrics

Summer 2017

As far as Summer 2016 is concerned, I plan to double up on my class load and maybe take shorter trips around the U.S.   I just might go visit some family up north or go back to D.C. to see some friends.  However, my main priority will be to progress through the Instructional Design graduate program as efficiently and successfully as possible.

After I complete this program, I would LOVE to take a 2-3 week trip to London, England.  That is my long term plan for the moment.  More to come.

Spring Break 2016!

My next big span of non-high school time is Spring Break.  I do plan to utilize that time to stay ahead within my ISD 581 course.  However, I would love to plan a short road trip somewhere.  Right now, my top two contenders are Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC.  My third option is Orlando, FL to visit……..yep…..Harry Potter World!  Needless to say, I have yet to put any thought in to these trips, so this will be a last minute trip.

Instructional Ideas

One website that I am still exploring is Blendspaces.   The project that I plan to post in to my first Instructional Design – related project incorporated this website.

I also intend to explore more of Google’s features, such as Flubaroo and more.  I will be placing them under the Instructional Design category.

My First Blog!

Welcome to my site!  I plan to share my journey through the Instructional Design program at the University of South Alabama.  I will be posting various Instructional Design ideas, assignments, projects on this site.  I also plan to post other ideas, projects, and travels of mine to this site too!